Pool Table Refelting by the Professionals

Our pool table refelting service is a complete service.  We offer two kinds of felt / cloth for your pool table.  We come to your home, professionally disassemble the pool table, check the level and make sure that the bumpers are in good working order.

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We also can apply new cloth to the table while doing a professional pool table installation.

Pool table refelting with Quincy Pool Table Repair
Various colors and types of felts can be chosen, we also offer high grade tournament cloth.

The process of refelting should be done by a professional refelting service like ours.  We have all of the necessary refelting tools and equipment to get your pool table refelted in a couple of hours.

When we’re all finished you’re all ready and playing pool on your new felt.  You can choose from a list of colors for three lines of cloth that we supply to our customers.

There are differences between standard cloth and upgraded worsted material.  The worsted material is manufactured differently and rather than having the fuzzy finish it is very smooth and durable.  The worsted felts play much faster and give the player a more responsive and different gaming experience.  You can have your pool table refelting done in either material.

Pool table material options

Standard woolen pool table felt colors

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Teflon coated to provide stain resistance.  Standard felt is what is most commonly found on pool tables and is generally what is offered with all new pool tables.  The texture is a little “fuzzy” and is the slowest of the materials which makes it also the most economical of the options.

Simonis worsted felt colors

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Standard worsted non brand colors

(Colors may be limited, contact us to get current colors available.)

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